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How to Maximize Space in a Small Apartment

How to Maximize Space in a Small Apartment
How to maximize space in a small apartment is truly a work of art. Just the right subtitles can make a huge difference; furthermore, if you're looking to rent student housing in West Chester PA where you're considering doubling up in a bedroom to reduce your rental costs, the right tips and strategies not only...

Five Moving Tips for Having the Best Move Ever

Moving Tips
May is almost here and--for many--move out and move in day is right around the corner. And although a new rental can be thrilling, for many the moving process can be a real downer. Lucky for you, we put together some moving tips to make your next move a breeze. So...whether you are moving into...

The Benefits of Always Having Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance - Zukin Realty
Renters insurance is a wise option for anyone who leases or rents an apartment or home, and is available for all types of rentals including student rentals and residential rentals. This type of policy is similar to a homeowner's policy but does not cover the building or the landlord's property. The only items that are covered...