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Things to Do in West Chester PA

Things to Do In West Chester PA
Updated November 21, 2020 - Finding things to do in West Chester PA is never a challenge; however, let's face it...this holiday season is a little different than previous years. The borough has its many perks. From the incredible restaurants and nightlife to the amazing University, (the two of which were recently paired as being...

How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

How to Deal with Bad Neighbors
No matter where you live, you will more than likely have neighbors. Some may be closer than others, and many will normally stay to themselves. It's important, however, to learn how to deal with bad neighbors in case you start to have issues. Remembering the golden rule is also important. How to Deal with Bad...

High Rollers Tattoo Studio

High Rollers Tattoo Studio
It is undeniable that in the past fifteen years tattoos have become more prevalent in U.S. culture. A once trademark of a subculture has now truly become a part of U.S. pop-culture. And that’s a good thing. For many, tattooing is considered a fine art and the tattoos that they display are considered a distinctive...

Zukin Commercial Partner Taco Mar

Taco Mar
Taco Mar is arguably the best Mexican restaurant in West Chester, PA. Honestly, it may be the best Mexican restaurant in the Tristate area. Since the first day they opened their doors, Taco Mar in West Chester, PA quickly became many 'townies' favorite dining spot. University students and West Chester locals alike cannot resist their unbelievable...