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How to Make a Smaller Apartment Feel Bigger

Making Small Rooms Look Bigger
There are so many amazing apartments in West Chester, PA. The charming and often historic architecture is truly unique to Chester County. But sometimes that historic charm translates to smaller living quarters. Living in a small apartment may seem cramped at first. The key is to learn how to maximize the space you have. Once...

How Students Can Protect Their Mental Health in COVID-19

Mental Health
At Zukin Realty, mental health is very close to our hearts. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives, especially that of college students. A study performed at the North Carolina State University proves that the stress of having to deal with the pandemic is causing more and more students to become clinically depressed....

Pros and Cons of Using Student Loans for Living Expenses

Student Loans for Living Expenses
Going to college isn't just about earning a degree. It teaches life skills as well. As one of the most reputable West Chester off-campus student housing rental agencies, we know that it is imperative that students understand how to manage money and that it's an important lesson that includes student loans and learning how to live within...

5 Ways to Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgivenss
Earning a degree can be expensive, and as one of the most reputable West Chester off-campus housing rental agencies for over 50 years, Zukin Realty has come to learn that student loan forgiveness is sadly for the few. Once you graduate and start working, your student loan debt may be a little overwhelming. With many people facing...

Parking in West Chester PA

parking in west chester pa
January 30, 2021 - Lets face it, parking in West Chester, PA is not always easy. If you own a car and live in the borough, the gymnastics you have do in order to not get a ticket can be very challenging. Ahh yes...there is nothing like parking on one side of the street and...