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How to Lower Your Utility Bills

How to Lower Your Utility Bill
Once you move into an apartment, you will quickly realize that rent is not your only major expense. Your utility bills can also take a large chunk of your monthly budget. You do have a few things you can do to take control of your utility bills. If you conserve energy and follow a few...

Top Bedroom Closet Organization Tips Edit

Bedroom Closet Organization
Regardless of whether you live in off campus student housing or a residential apartment in West Chester, closets are often the biggest catch-all in an apartment. We throw things in them in an attempt to get them out of sight. Sometimes, items are placed in the closet simply because we don't have any other place...

What to Do if You Discover Mold in Your Apartment

How to Get Rid of Mold in an Apartment
When you live in an apartment, you have a responsibility to your landlord to let them know if something goes wrong or changes within the apartment or home. Mold is very common and most mold is harmless. However, serious mold can creep up on you. Before you realize it, mold can establish itself in the...

Renting Advice for College Students

Renting Advice for College Students - Group of Multicultural Students Smiling and Talking
s a college student, you will have specific needs when it comes to an apartment. There are several things you need to do when trying to find the right apartment or home to rent. Because your studies will take the highest priority, you will want to find an apartment that allows you to fulfill your...

How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Apartment

Pop of Color - Yellow Pillows on Contrasting Grey Couch
When you move into an apartment or any new living space, you want to surround yourself with things that brighten your day. Whether you live in an off campus student rental or a residential apartment in West Chester, it really doesn't matter; as you start to put your things together, you will want to color...