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West Chester Christmas Parade 2022

Christmas is a time for family fun and community festivities. Over the past few years, the COVID pandemic had put a damper on many of West Chester's favorite holiday activities. This year things will start to return to normal, at least in a few of the more festive ways. Residents throughout the West Chester, PA...

Simple Rental Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Working from Home
Working from home is a great option for many people. You can set your own hours, and you don't have to commute. But there are some challenges to working from home too; especially if you're trying to stick with a regular work schedule. Here's how to stay productive when working from home. Create a designated...

Five Easy Apartment Lighting Ideas

Lighting Ideas
Have you ever considered how a rooms lighting effects your mood, creativity, and focus? Creating the perfect lighting for your apartment or house can be tricky. Not only do you have to balance the need for ambiance, safety, and energy savings. But you also want to make sure that each light source is perfectly tailored...

Buying a House While Renting an Apartment

Buying a House While Renting an Apartment
Are you currently renting an apartment while daydreaming night and about buying a home? Perhaps you are someone who has been doing that for years. Well...have you ever considered buying a house while renting an apartment? Buying a property can be a daunting process, especially with rising interest rates. In this article, we'll explore some...

Best Remote Jobs for College Students

Remote Work for College Students
College students may have difficulty finding a job with hours that coincide with the time off they have between their classes. Currently there is roughly 280,000+ remote jobs in the U.S. Part-time remote jobs for college students are becoming more popular because they allow students to find work they enjoy while still being able to...

Apartment Living Tips – The Do’s and Dont’s

Apartment Tips
Apartment living can be quite enjoyable. A beautiful home with literally no external upkeep. While there may be a few drawbacks, there are many advantages you can benefit from. Not everyone is suited for apartment living. For those who don't mind living in close proximity to others, it can be a fun and rewarding experience,...