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Grypon Café – November 2019 Business Spotlight of the Month

Gryphon Cafe West Chester PA
Our business spotlight of the month with West Chester's Gryphon Café, doesn't begin in 2019, but rather in 1999, when this writer was first introduced to the Gryphon Café at their Wayne location. For many years, the Gryphon Café presented a stellar open mic series which was hosted by acclaimed local musician Josh Komoroski. Every week for...

Four Underutilized Resources Every West Chester Resident Should have Bookmarked and on Speed Dial

For West Chester residents, finding up-to-date reliable information about your local community can sometimes be challenging. Why? Because our first instinct is to explore what we always use for everything else in our lives, a search engine. But--unfortunately--we generally find out that the results provided for a given topic are often out of date or--worse--completely...