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Parking in West Chester PA

parking in west chester pa
January 30, 2022 - Lets face it, parking in West Chester, PA is not always easy. If you own a car and live in the borough, the gymnastics you have do in order to not get a ticket can be very challenging. Ahh yes...there is nothing like parking on one side of the street and...

Things to Do in West Chester PA

Things to Do In West Chester PA
Updated November 8, 2021 - Finding things to do in West Chester PA is never a challenge; however, let's face it...last holiday season was a little different than previous years. Fortunately, many of our beloved holiday events are back! The borough has its many perks. From the incredible restaurants and nightlife to the amazing University,...

High Rollers Tattoo Studio

High Rollers Tattoo Studio
It is undeniable that in the past fifteen years tattoos have become more prevalent in U.S. culture. A once trademark of a subculture has now truly become a part of U.S. pop-culture. And that’s a good thing. For many, tattooing is considered a fine art and the tattoos that they display are considered a distinctive...

Moving During COVID-19

Moving During Covid-19
There is no doubt, our world has changed. Hopefully...this change is only temporary. As we all continue to navigate life within the "new normal," we thought it would be a good idea to provide some practical tips to help you if you are moving in or out of an apartment during these challenging/strange times. Please...