Optimal Massage – February 2019 Business Spotlight of the Month

One of West Chester, PA’s landmark local businesses is Optimal Massage; the focus of this month’s Zukin Realty Commercial Business Spotlight. Optimal Massage was started by Michael Wolff who has been practicing massage for over 23 years. Born and raised in Media, PA, Michael is no stranger to the life of a small business owner as his his family are owners of Wolff Farm Market/Apple House. After about 9 years of therapeutic massage practice, Michael’s spouse Kim Wolff–the ‘Golden Heart’ of the Optimal Massage operation–joined the business, and the two of them have been helping thousands of residents from both near and far with their unique therapeutic bodywork approach to massage therapy ever since.

We had the opportunity to speak to Kim regarding the uniqueness of Optimal Massage and here is what she had to share.

An Interview with Kim Wolff of Optimal Massage

A slogan of Optimal Massage is “Massage is NOT Self-Indulgence, It’s Self Care!” Why do you think that massage was given a stigma of a luxury item and not viewed as something that it has always truly been, medicinal & life-giving?

That’s an excellent question! I’m not 100% sure where that mindset came from? That was certainly the mindset when I started practicing: “massage is more for ‘pampering.’” Conversely, the type of massage we do at Optimal Massage

is more about healthcare. Our office is designed to be very relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, but therapy that happens during one of our massages is what it is all about. Yes, we still do get a handful clients who only come for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and special occasions and that’s great! But the large majority of our clients come to us because they have therapeutic needs such as chronic pain, extremely stressful careers, or jobs that negatively impact their overall health.

What inspires you to continue to pursue excellence in your craft & distinguishes you from other business that may offer massage as a service?

There are a couple things. There is a therapeutic relationship that happens with people when they invest in themselves and give us the time and trust to help them help themselves. The relationship becomes one of trust, safety, and therapy because we help them and that is what I believe keeps them coming back. I have a bachelors in Social Work, and that is where my background comes from. It’s in my nature to want to help people, and massage is the perfect way to help people. It’s not about just the physical body; there really is a connection between the stress that our body holds and the emotional and spiritual gains that people get when they receive a massage. For example, when you have a lot of stress in your life, it settles in your physical self which adversely affects your spiritual and emotional state. Many of our clients after receiving a massage describe having a feeling of weightlessness or even feel taller, believe it or not. Basically, whatever they have been carrying around with them has been lifted off of them.

Is there any services that Optimal Massage offers its clients that the public may not be aware of?

One service that we offer that is completely complementary is aromatherapy. If your massage therapist doesn’t offer it to you, certainly request it as it is 100% complimentary. There are times when a client comes in and they are experiencing sinus issues or need to just simply ‘chill out,’ and aromatherapy is a great way to help clients increase their therapeutic gains.

What’s new on the horizon that Optimal Massage is excited about in 2019?

We’re hoping to burst at the seams! We continue to grow which is very exciting. We continue to bring on new staff members who have been fantastic additions, and we’re just really happy with the direction the business is going, and we love being in West Chester.

Experiencing Optimal Massage for Yourself

As you can tell, Kim and the team at Optimal Massage in West Chester, PA passion for therapeutic massage is inspiring to say the least. The team at Zukin Realty couldn’t be more thankful to share a building with them as a much needed massage is always just a few steps away, and we do take advantage of that convenience often:-) Our partnership with Optimal Massage is invaluable to us. To book a massage with Kim or one of the other amazing massage therapists simply contact them below.

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