The G Spot Modern Retro Thrift Boutique

For over 6 years, G Spot Modern Retro Thrift Boutique has been a welcome addition to our incredible town. Yes, we all love the renowned bars and restaurants, but you can’t have a thriving town on those alone. G-Spot’s unique flare combines vintage, retro, and everything in between. We had the opportunity to speak with owner, GiGi Greco, to discuss the history of G-Spot and why the moved nearly 1,500 miles to make West Chester, PA its home. So without further ado, here is a brief interview with Gigi, owner of G-Spot, and the Zukin Realty Business Spotlight of the Month.

G-Spot Modern Retro Thrift Boutique

Note: All Images Property of G-Spot in West Chester, PA

What year did you open the G-Spot?

We opened our first shop in 2010 in Austin, TX, and then moved to West Chester, PA in 2014.

What type of items do you specialize in carrying in the shop?

Oh my, we have everything. We have men’s and women’s clothing, vintage clothing, designer clothing, accessories, jewelry and what not. We’ve got art, original art, antiques, home decor, vintage vinyl, nostalgic items, oddities, and rarities I have basically everything, except kids stuff.

I’ve been in your shop a few times and love the vibe! It feels like a place that I’ve been before on the West Coast, as if every town and person might feel the same way. Why did you choose to open in West Chester?

My mom and brother are here and she had gotten ill. And I always knew I would have to come here someday.
I mean, I picked up my whole shop , my whole life and just moved here in two 26’ Penske trucks. Yeah, the whole store, and my whole house.

Did you do this before, or have an online shop to determine the need for something like this in West Chester?

No. I just, I didn’t know there was a need, but I did know that there would not be another shop like this. You know I’ve been here before and just knew. It’s just not a typical store ya know. I didn’t know what to call it , I just used ‘thrift store’ for a lack of a better word. I called it a ‘thrift store boutique.’

Since your inventory changes often, are there certain days that you put it out during the week?

No. It’s every day literally. Yeah, because I have a surplus at home. So you find something new everyday!

Do you consign or buy any of your inventory from your customers? Is your inventory a combination of vintage, previously loved and new?

No. I do have people come in all the time asking if I do that, but I just don’t have the time, it’s just me here.
I’d rather concentrate on my customers and with the inventory I do have; it’s just not my business model.

I see that you even have quite a few options for prom dresses, is this a busy time of the year for you?

Yeah, that’s a big seller. Gowns in general are a big seller for proms, but also anytime someone is going to a gala. We have caught on for people to come here for a vintage gown. And they are really nice; and we have jewelry, purses, shoes too.

Our customers rather come here than go down to the King of Prussia Mall and spend over $800, which is ridiculous, for something they are going to wear once. People can come here and get something timeless and they can wear it to any black tie event and it will last them years. And the truth is you aren’t going to find someone wearing the same gown.

What are your personal favorite items that you carry in the store?

The antiques. I have some really rare ones. I don’t think people expect it, because of all the clothes we have. But I wish more people would know about all the antiques. Antique shoppers can come in here and find things that they wouldn’t expect to find.

What are ways you are able to ensure the safety of your customers as they shop with you during this season?

The shop is clean, wiped and sanitized. I spend many hours cleaning, I’ll be in here until the wee hours of the morning. It takes me 3 hours just to vacuum. People can wear masks if they haven’t been vaccinated. We also don’t allow people to have food or drinks in the shop. I’m not going to take their temperature at the door or anything.

What excites you about the future of West Chester in the next 5 to 10 years?

I think the town is definitely growing. I see it because people come in here on weekends , like it’s on the map. They come here for a day trip. Longwood Gardens nearby, that helps. You know West Chester is getting quite the reputation being a restaurant and bar town and shopping. But I do get a lot of people from Philly. And from all over, you know the thrifters. They google it and here they are. I’ve had people travel up here as far as from VA. And that is pretty cool. And I’m open pretty late, so people like to shop after dinner, etc.

Any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

Well, if you haven’t been here – don’t let the name fool you. Because I think a lot of people get thrown off by the name and they just assume it’s a certain type of shop. But if you just look in the windows you can easily see it’s not. Just come on in and experience it for yourself. And everybody is welcome! My name is GiGi and this is my spot/shop! You know with the name, it’s a bit of tongue and cheek, something for you to remember!

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