How College Students Can Protect Themselves from the Growing Threat of Cyber Extortion

The threat of cyber extortion is growing. The last thing you want to worry about as a college student is being a victim of cyber crime. It’s simply a hassle you don’t need and Zukin Realty wants to ensure you have the information you need to keep your data safe. Understanding how cyber criminals work is the best way to prevent them from gaining access to you or your information. Being proactive and making sure that your devices are secure at all times are good places to start to prevent cyber extortion and other online crimes.

Cyber Extortion – Learn How to Protect Yourself

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Never rely completely on university IT team to provide you with an impenetrable network. Even their sturdy firewalls can be breached. Cyber criminals use the latest technology to hack into servers and databases, giving them immediate access to confidential information both businesses and individuals. Always protect yourself and let university IT team worry about their own network. Discuss what personal options you have with an IT professional. They can give you sound advice beyond network security for your individual machine on keeping cyber criminals at bay.

Protect All of Your Information, Not Just Financials

Cyber criminals aren’t always after your financial information anymore. Now, they target your personal information, your friends, and your social media accounts. The more they can learn about you personally, the easier it is to gain access to your financial information. The more they learn about you personally and socially, the more they can convince others, even your friends, that they are you. This gives them access to almost every aspect of your life.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor identification is one of the safest ways to secure your online information. By using a password and a PIN or your thumbprint, you can minimize access to your online information. While a hacker may be able to come up with your PIN or a password, they cannot duplicate an eye scan or a thumbprint. Some companies require the use of a biometric signature as part of their two-factor identification. Thumbprints and eye scans are nothing new, but they have made their way into personal security measures and are definitely here to stay.

Keep Your Devices Secure

Keeping your devices secure is a must. Never leave them unlocked and unattended unless you are in the privacy of your own home and using your own secure network. Purchase a quality anti-virus/security program to protect all of your devices, even your phones and tablets. Take a few minutes and set up two-factor identification. It’s the best way to protect yourself from any type of hacker who is trying to phish or hack you for information.


Cyber criminals are smart and can break into almost any type of internet account, but if they have to work at it, they will more than likely move on. Using a quality security program and enabling two-factor identification are the two easiest ways to protect yourself. Talk to university IT professionals and go the extra mile by changing your passwords frequently. You can avoid being a victim of cyber crime if you know the simple things you can do to protect yourself from cyber extortion.

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