Restaurant Andiario – May 2019 Business Spotlight of the Month

Restaurant Andiario first opened its doors only 14 months ago but quickly became one of the most sought after tables in Chester County. Those who have experienced Andiario’s charming atmosphere and unbelievable farm to table cuisine are not surprised by their rapid rise to notoriety. Restaurant Andiario‘s unique artisan approach to service is unparalleled and Anthony Andiario and Maria van Schaijik (Owners of Andiario’s) drive for perfection is in every detail of the restaurant Andiario experience. We recently spoke with Maria van Schaijik to find out just what makes Andiario’s in West Chester, PA so special. So without further ado, here is a brief interview with Maria van Schaijik, co-owner of Andriario’s, and the Zukin Realty Business Spotlight of the Month.

andiario in west chester pa – unparalleled artisan’s of fine dining

Note: All Images Property of Andiario’s in West Chester, PA

I recently read that both owners have traveled extensively. What inspired you to make West Chester, PA your home?

My family lives in West Chester and Anthony was born and raised about 2 hours from West Chester. To us it was a home coming. We wanted to be close to family, and we absolutely love West Chester; it’s a beautiful town and setting.  

Since opening only a year ago in March 2018, you quickly became one of the most sought-after reservations in the suburbs. Not only from customers but also food critics. What’s your secret?

I don’t think there is any secret. Simply put, we have a vision…and we stick to what we believe in, what we want to do, and what we want to create. And–honestly–we work really hard. We’re very grateful we get what we want to do.

Your “Artisan” approach to business is truly intriguing. It seems like everything you present to the public has a true purpose. Can you tell us more about this? What drew you to this type of approach to business as represented in Andiario?

Again, this goes back to our dedication to our vision.
We are definitely not concept driven. We want to work with local artisans who share a similar vision. That’s just who we are. It’s how how we want to cook, and it’s how we want to serve our customers. Even the flowers on our tables are from local farmers. We feel it just speaks for itself when you operate that way. And our customers notice this quality. A lot of people pick up the plates and notice they are hand made. They notice the jars that line our restaurant are carefully preserved for a purpose. They notice the fresh herbs hanging over the tables. Everyone notices something different, but it all resonates with them.

You were recently nominated for as semifinalists for America’s Best New Restaurant, a prestigious award granted by the James Beard Foundation? How does that make you feel?

We’re thrilled and extremely grateful. We’re just going to keep working hard and keep trying to create the experience we believe in.  

What’s new on the horizon for Andiario?

A lot of plans! We just got online reservations up and running which is really exciting. From small things like that to bigger things like more events and closer partnerships with local farmers and wineries.

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