Safety Tips for College Students


College students are more aware of their surroundings now than they ever were before. They are also more digitally inclined. While this is usually a good thing, it does have its drawbacks. In fact, if you aren’t careful, your electronics may cause you more harm than good. If this is your first time living away from home, the following safety tips for college students will help you stay safe and secure when you are out and about.

Get to Know the Campus

Get to know West Chester University campus. Avoid taking shortcuts through unfamiliar areas. Get a map of the campus and go over it until you have it memorized. In fact, for your convenience here is a map of West Chester University. Know where the safe areas are where you know people will be close by if you have an emergency. If your campus has a security team, know where they are and try to get a phone number for them.

Get to Know Your Community

West Chester is one of the safest communities in the U.S. However, it’s not perfect. If you have just moved into your off campus student rental, take a good look around. Find out where the police and fire stations are. Living in an apartment complex may provide you with a little sense of security. It’s still important to be mindful of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s also a good idea to know where your favorite stores are located and how to get to each one without going through areas that may make you feel uncomfortable.

Safety Tips for College Students

Always Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Always be mindful of your surroundings. If you like to jog or go for walks, put your phone in your pocket and enjoy the scenery. Avoid wearing earbuds in both ears. If you have to wear them, keep the sound low and only use one. If you can’t hear what’s going on around you, it increases your risk of being injured or mugged. Don’t be a target. Keep your eyes and ears on what is going on around you.

Don’t Go Out Alone at Night

Don’t go out alone at night. This leaves you vulnerable in many ways. If you fall or have an accident, you may go unnoticed for hours. While it’s unlikely, there is always the risk of being mugged. Instead of venturing out on your own, go with a neighbor or with a friend. This is one of the most important safety tips for college students who are living in an unfamiliar town.

Lock It Down

Apartment security is paramount. Keep your doors locked in both your car and your apartment. Even if you are at home, locking your door keeps people from trying to enter without permission. It’s also a good idea if you live in an apartment complex where many of the units look a lot alike. It will save the confusion if someone comes to your door thinking it belongs to someone else.

Self-Defense Is Key

Carry pepper spray or take a self-defense class. Know how to take care of yourself if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Your local YMCA and other organizations teach self-defense techniques that are easy to remember and will allow you to make it to safety if an attack should ever occur.

It’s important to be safe at all times. It’s up to you to know where you are and what is around you. Learn to rely on yourself and not your electronics. If they fail you, it will be up to you to figure things out. Trying learning your neighborhood without your phone as a guide. It’s the best way to be fully self-sufficient and safe wherever you go. Take advantage of these safety tips for college students.

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